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"Amazing Speaker ... engaged my attention and kept it for the entire course. [V]ery practical advice and suggestions that I will put into practice right away."

TEDx Apex

A leader ignited by charisma is one whose team will feel more connected, whose creativity will be more fired up, and who will have the motivation to be resilient when times are tough. That is why charisma is a leadership fundamental. Take a look at this talk for a stirring and deeply personal discussion of how Greek myths can turn 𝘺𝘰𝘶 into a Charismatic Olympian.


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TEDxBU (Boston University)

Everyone has an internal hero ready to be born within them. Once it is unleashed, authentic leadership -- capable of inspiring connection, creativity, and resilience in any team -- can emerge with Olympian force. Learn from the timeless story of Achilles exactly how you or your firm’s leaders can live an authentic life -- and create a leadership legacy that is epic.​

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Do you want to be inspired? Do you want to hear a charismatic speaker give you an unforgettable experience? Then you will truly enjoy hearing the Myth Slayer, AKA Scott Mason, talk at your event!  Be entertained and moved by Scott--and make your event epic!


Ramping Up Business Development -- and Your Career -- for Attorneys

If you want to attract clients and build your law firm’s business, having charisma isn’t a mere luxury. The ability to command attention, be remembered, and attract those who need your services (and will hire you for business) is essential. 

Similarly, whether you are an up-and-coming associate at a law firm or an in-house lawyer seeking to make an impact on those who can move your career forward, charisma is the secret sauce that will galvanize your peers, organizational leaders, and clients behind your success.

Being charismatic is a skill that exceeds raw talent, purely personal history, or professional experience. It compels others to know more about you and your message, right away. It must be experienced to be recognized. But it can be taught -- and you can learn it.

In this energizing and entertaining session, Scott will discuss what charisma is (and is not) and how to become more charismatic, even if you feel it’s a talent you’ll never have. He will focus on everyday professional life with a spotlight on the practice of law.

Takeaways/Learning Objectives:

  • The impact of charisma on your professional life -- and the impact of not having it.

  • What keeps lawyers from being charismatic -- and steps to move beyond it.

  • 3 steps you have to take to ignite your personal charisma:

    • Exploring your full charismatic range.

    • Connecting messaging to charismatic expression.

    • Communication tactics to ensure that your presentation engages the audience

  • What an introvert can do to enhance their charisma


Making a Triumphant Transition

In this presentation, Scott delves into the perilous journey of top attorneys transitioning into leadership roles -- whether as the head of a practice group, owner of a fast-growing small firm, or chief of an in-house legal department -- shedding light on the exceptional professional risks involved when that transition happens.

This important session not only identifies the challenges but also presents an innovative and effective process to minimize these risks, enabling any attorney to elevate their legal career and enhance their team's performance. These processes and steps ensure that, as any lawyer climbs up a firm’s or company’s org chart, the big leap forward won’t be the last. 

This presentation is an indispensable resource for aspiring law firm and legal unit leaders, equipping them to navigate the intricate leadership path with confidence and success.

Takeaways/Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the limitations of skills acquired in law school and legal practice when it comes to team and executive leadership, and recognize instances where these skills may conflict with effective leadership principles.

  • Differentiate between the dynamics of risk in legal practice and those in organizational leadership, gaining insights into how to navigate and mitigate risks in a leadership role.

  • Develop a comprehensive plan to enhance your leadership capabilities, equipping you with the necessary tools and strategies to succeed in leadership roles.

  • Understand leadership as an ongoing professional development pathway, so that default modes of behavior do not recur and sabotage team performance.

A Leadership Survival Guide

In this unique but invaluable presentation, Scott teaches how to tackle one of the most treacherous traps a new lawyer-leader might encounter: dealing with the toxic superstar.

While a high-performing individual may initially appear as an asset, their interpersonal or ethical issues can jeopardize not only team dynamics and project outcomes but also the leader's own career—and even the organization itself.

This program provides a comprehensive framework to effectively manage such situations, which can be adapted to handle other complex people management challenges, too. It also offers strategic and detailed, practical tips tailored to both novice and seasoned lawyer-leaders.

This program is an indispensable resource for aspiring law firm and legal unit leaders looking to minimize the risk of becoming unwitting accomplices to unethical behaviors, preemptively address legal and reputational risks that toxic superstars can present, and maintain the confidence and authority to guide their team to optimal performance and success.

Takeaways/Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the risks of tolerating toxic behaviors within a firm or other legal environment.

  • Identify and dispel common myths surrounding high-performance leadership, especially those that may lead attorneys to tolerate toxic superstars.

  • Connect core values and ethical grounding to leadership, re-establishing credibility lost via the toxic superstar.

  • What is needed to build a plan that both manages the employee and rebuilds your firm’s culture.


How You Can Learn To Be Agile in the Legal Profession

The conundrum is easy to understand, but hard to escape. Legal success, whether as a transactional attorney in a law firm, as in-house counsel, or as a small-firm advisor to businesses, depends on identifying risk and doing everything possible to avoid it.

This fact has had a massive effect on the legal profession’s reputation and the identity of practitioners -- and their professional lives both in and out of the office. Risk aversion is part of any good lawyer’s professional makeup. However, when unchecked, it can limit a lawyer’s effectiveness as an organizational, practice, or team leader. It can even limit their ability to manage their career.

Join Scott as he highlights the importance of agility in the legal world. Discover why many attorneys remain risk-averse and receive actionable strategies to overcome rigidity. Equip yourself to meet increasing client demands for flexibility and ensure your firm remains at the forefront.

Takeaways/Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze the effects of the risk aversion that is an essential part of an attorney’s core skill set and can infect their entire professional modus operandi.

  • Break down the impact of rigidity and lack of adaptability on an attorney’s career and ability to build a sustainable practice.

  • Identify how to broaden one’s perception of one's role and identity to set up a more open and agile mindset.

  • Outline five common leadership skills that, if developed, can heighten a lawyer’s agility.

  • Recognize the critical elements needed to build a plan supporting those skills.

  • Differentiate when adaptability is not a virtue.

The Secret to Career Transitions

This session empowers attendees to break free from professional stagnation and explore diverse career opportunities aligned with their personal values. Led by Scott, the presentation unravels the challenges lawyers face when contemplating career change. Additionally, it delves into the personal and professional consequences of remaining disconnected while presenting a systematic approach to understanding one's identity, leveraging  legal skills across diverse paths, and crafting an actionable plan for a fulfilling career transition.

This session is designed to guide attorneys through a transformative journey, helping them break free from professional constraints and embark on a fulfilling career path aligned with their authentic selves -- for a future that is epic.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize risks of unfulfilling career paths by identifying five dangers associated with staying on an unfulfilling career trajectory.

  • Navigate risk aversion in career transition by understanding how inherent risk aversion in attorneys can hinder professional and personal satisfaction.

  • Disentangle professional role and identity by learning the importance of separating professional role and identity during a career transition and the practical steps to achieve it.

  • Gain insights into building a comprehensive Professional Freedom Action Plan tailored to individual goals.


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Tiffany Hansen

Chief of Staff/VP of Operations, Nobody Studios

"Rating: 5/5. Provocative!  Thank you, Scott, for helping us identify different types of toxic leadership. You were great!!"

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